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System and operational study of the Power Station coal handling from the mine, through the stockyard and the boiler house distribution system, plus the ash handling and stacking systems.

De-bottlenecked the softwood chipping resulting in capacity increase of 300%
(Payback period 3 weeks)

Metal Separation
Bagging Systems

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ST System    


This low-cost system consists of four air cushions with matching air control (see picture). The users need to assemble the support plates or a support frame and the hoses for the air supply. After being assembled, this system will show you all the benefits and application possibilities of air cushion transportation.



TS System    


The TS-system consists of an air cushion that is assembled to support plates, a corresponding control box, air pipes, connections, and an instruction manual (see photo). This system is also referred to as a ready-to-use system: ready to use immediately with a clear instruction manual.





Internal transportation of rolls is often difficult and labor-intensive because of the relatively high weight of the rolls. Air cushion transport provides the perfect solution, because the air cushion transport system isnít much bigger than the object that needs to be moved. Paper rolls, cable rolls, coils, and other round objects like wheels can easily be moved with the roll transporter.





This relates to a (steel) construction with an air cushion underneath and a built-in air control. Objects that need to be moved or that need more support can be placed on an air cushion platform. The platform can be equipped with (pneumatic) drivers if regular use is needed, or heavier objects need to be moved.





Our turn tables have many benefits compared to conventional turn tables. They offer special possibilities due to their low construction height, large load capacity, and low maintenance. It is possible to accurately set up the rotation of the turn table via PLC-control. The capacity of the turn table depends on the dimensions and the amount of air cushions.





A liftcushion is a hermetically sealed pad with a connection for compressed air. After the pad has been filled with compressed air, the hose part will change into a rounded form. Liftcushions can transfer high forces in a constant manner. The liftcushion is very reliable due to its simple technique.



Floor & Compressed Air    

Floors that are air tight, smooth and even present good conditions for the proper functioning of air cushions transport systems. The floor can temporarily be made suitable for metal or plactic plates. An unsuitable floor should be repaired parting the area where the air cushion will flow






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